Green Crack

Green Crack


Green Crack is a sativa strain that earned its’ name due to the strong effects that it has on users. More commonly known as Cush or Green Cush, it has a fruity/tangy flavour with hints of mango. There are two slight variations of this strain. The first is a sativa descendent from Skunk #1 and the second variation is a 75% indica descendant from an Afghani strain. The combination of lines is why this strain takes the best traits of both indicas and sativas without carrying many of the typical negative side effects. THC composition typically ranges from 13-21% and CBD of 0-0.1%, and the structure for Green Crack features tight buds.

Cannabis users, both new and veteran, are attracted to this strain because it invokes a sharp alertness, increase in focus, and mental high. For these reasons, consumers find it easily adaptable into the routine of their everyday lives. It’s specifically used for the medical treatment of fatigue, stress, and depression. Besides high-functionality, the strain also offers other benefits like an increase in: energy, happiness, optimism, and euphoria. Negative effects include: dry mouth and dry eyes, with a smaller risk of paranoia, anxiety, and headaches. It should be noted that most users find that this particular strain lacks the paranoia that many others have.

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